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Title:Principal Lawyer
Category:Business and Finance: Legal Services
Description:LGM Advisors. Expert advice and legal solutions. Premium legal advice and expert representation can be difficult to come by in today’s flooded market for legal services. Older, experienced firms such as ours are able to rely on the sort of knowledge that comes with time spent working on complicated cases. LGM Advisors has established a reputation as a provider of premium legal services to multinational corporations, ASX listed companies, small and medium sized businesses and individuals for over 15 years. We offer a comprehensive range of expert legal services, with every piece of advice tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their objectives and circumstances. Clients choose us based on our reputation for excellence, and our extensive track record of successful legal outcomes. Our attention to detail, efficiency, and professionalism are what case clients to stay with us. What makes us different? Having assisted ASX listed companies and multinational corporations in Australia’s highest legal jurisdictions, we have settled cases worth millions of dollars for clients who demand only the best. We have also settled a wills dispute worth millions of dollars in the Supreme Court of Australia, demonstrating our ability to handle more sensitive and personal matters. For over 15 years we have been settling a range of complex and expensive legal disputes for clients of all sizes and motivations. LGM Advisors employs experts in key legal areas for businesses, such as intellectual property, contract law, and employment law. Our track record in these areas is outstanding, and if you have an issue in these areas, chances are we’ve settled a similar case before. A successful case in our eyes is one which results in an optimal outcome for our client, in which all objectives are met where possible and the result is achieved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. See our list of professional services to determine whether or not we can assist you. Let us help you with: Contracts. Contracts lie at the heart of most legal and commercial relationships. Under law, a contract is any agreement which: • Is made between parties who intend the agreement to be legally enforceable; • Contains an offer made by one party which is freely accepted by another; • Involves the payment of some price (consideration) in return for what is promised in the agreement; • Is made between people or entities which have the legal capacity to enter a legally binding contract. Contracts may be written or spoken. Due to the nature of contract law, disputes are fairly common. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and time consuming disputes. This is why it’s important to have access to excellent legaladvice and representation. LGM Advisors is able to advise you of your obligations, entitlements or rights under a contract. Should you wish to dispute a contract, we can assist you by determining whether or not there is a legal basis for your dispute. If you are drafting a contract, we offer a premium drafting and reviewing service for legal documents. A contract finalised by us will be one that contains remedies for potential disputes, and clearly sets out the obligations of each party in a way that ensures the agreement stands the best chance of being completed. Intellectual property The protection and management of intellectual property can be the key to commercial success. Intellectual property is often a valuable asset and component for businesses. A trademark for example may be a powerful marketing tool, unusable by competitors; it clearly defines your business and maintains your corporate image. As markets become increasingly globalised and competitive, the protection of intellectual property is more important than ever before. Patents and copyright are also more important than ever before. Contact us today to find out how LGM Advisors can assist you in managing and protecting your intellectual property. Employment law Employment disputes are disruptive in terms of productivity, workplace morale, and the personal lives of those affected. Employment laws are always changing due to government changes and other factors. For this reason, it is important to have the assistance of a firm that is experienced in employment law and understands that such disputes need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. LGM Advisors is able to give advice on: • Employment contracts • The Fair Work Act and complying with the Act • Contractor/subcontractor arrangements and the difference between contractors and employees under law • Company policies and procedures relating to harassment, bullying, social media use etc • Unfair dismissal • Unlawful termination – and more LGM Advisors can represent you, as an employer or an employee, in employment law litigation, including in claims made to Fair Work Australia and relevant courts. Dispute resolution LGM Advisors understands that it is best to settle disputes outside of court wherever possible, as this saves time and money for all concerned. We pursue outcomes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution processes. This process is cost effective and provides outcomes that are actively decided by the disputing parties in most cases, ensuring there are no surprises like those that can be handed down by a court. We have worked on cases relating to a huge variety of regulatory and civil disputes, the breadth of experience in our firm is one of our greatest assets. Contact us today so we can discuss the dispute resolution process with you, and how it might apply to your situation. Save yourself time, money, and stress by allowing our legal experts to guide you through a less intimidating legal process which does not involve courts. You can contact us today on (03) 9832 0608 or email us at
Address:222/23 Milton Parade
Post Code:3144
Phone Number:03 9832 0608

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